EOS Cryptocurrency Is More Prepared For Mass Adoption Price Up by 41% Is a Blockchain Throne on the Dice

Several cryptocurrency discussions are expressing high hopes for the capabilities of EOS in terms of its capabilities and speed.  They feel it to be one of the most advanced smart contracts blockchain.  However, they are also concerned about the slowness in governance.  There is also a question on whether it will be improved at all.  Despite all the apprehensions, several investors are holding on to their original EOS.

EOS reached the top 10 very quickly.  The EOS is considered by many community members to be more prepared for mass adoption.

Matthew Darwin, EOS Nation Blockchain  System Admin tweeted:  “According to the latest index, EOS ranks as the best performing blockchain project, while the most widely used blockchain, Bitcoin, has slipped down three places and now ranks 14th on the list.”

The web of the EOSIO is definitely growing, and this is definitely a performance-based recognition. With China advertising EOS, ecological development is expected to be smoother.

Sydney Ifergan, The crypto expert, tweeted:  “It is increasingly important to get to know the cryptocurrency as they are future.  Things can get easier for EOS Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects if it will be supported by the National Blockchain Service Network of China – Big Deal.”

One of the EOS community members tweeted:  “In Venezuela, there are 2 allied coffee shops that accept EOS and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. In these cafeterias, we hold meetups.”

EOS Cryptocurrency Gone up by 41%

We are at a point in time where the global economy has declined; however, the performance of EOS has gone up by nearly 41%.  The EOS has not reached its full potential yet, but widespread opinion is that EOS is expecting to reign a blockchain throne.

Brenden Blumer tweeted:  “And beyond #EOSIO, nearly every new high-performance public chain is based on a variant of EOS’s DPoS consensus. More performance, more alignment, and less concentration of power.”

EOS writer tweeted:  “#EOSIO is setting standards that any other #blockchain(s) deem unrealistic for their near future. This ecosystem has all been achieved in under 2-years, where I see little progress from other chains. Can you imagine where we will be in the next 2 years?!”

A lot of expectation is brewing around EOS.  The community is excited about the biggest EOS event.